General Litigation

Trial attorneys compose the heart of the firm. Our trial experience is far-reaching and extensive. Few firms in California, if any, can match the number of cases taken to jury trial in the past decade by the attorneys at Snyder Burnett Egerer, LLP. Since its inception in 1994, the firm has tried over 300 cases to juries in all of the counties in Central and Southern California, with a win rate exceeding 85%. The practice group is led and mentored by Barry Snyder, who has completed over 140 jury trials in his career and is one of only 210 trial attorneys in the United States who are Diplomates of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Our efforts begin with an early and honest assessment of the key aspects of the claim. We pride ourselves on being trial attorneys, not litigation attorneys. We don’t need to turn over every rock we pass on the way to trial, describe it, bill the client for the effort, and then find reasons to settle the case. We do know what rocks are important and what ones will make little difference in the ultimate outcome. Our early assessment allows our clients to make early and economic decisions in their best interests, rather than waiting for the courthouse steps to hear their litigation attorneys find various reasons to settle. We relish showing the opposition the way to the courthouse. Our focus at trial is two fold: (1) Win the case and (2) teach the opposition to be better trial attorneys.

Key areas of experience:

– Americans with Disabilities Act
– Bad Faith Defense
– Construction Accidents and Defect
– Commercial and Contract Disputes
– Class Actions
– Employment, Wrongful Termination and Disabilities Act
– Liable and Defamation Claims
– Pharmacy and Drug Liability
– Professional Negligence Defense
– Products and Medical Device Liability
– Real Estate
– Title Insurance
– Trade Secret Protection
– Trucking and Transportation
– Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injuries