Retail and Premises Liability

On its inception over a decade ago, the firm primarily focused on defense of retail and premises liability matters. As a result of its retention as primary defense counsel for the world’s largest retailer, the firm and its attorneys were able to take over 300 cases to jury trial. Our trial focus has expanded considerably, but the wealth of experience remains in this area of litigation.

In addition to the run-of-the-mill slip and fall or trip and fall cases, we defend false imprisonment/arrest claims, falling merchandise, product liability, and pharmacy malpractice matters. We are experienced also in first amendment claims brought by petitioners on property and have successfully obtained injunctive relief precluding or limiting access.

Our most enjoyable service in this area deals with preventative law counseling. We are often asked to review leases, employment agreements or employee termination documents, handbooks and policy/procedure manuals for the clients. Early attention to these matters will often eliminate the needs for our legal services in the future on litigated matters.

Key areas of experience:

– Electronic Discovery
– Falling Merchandise
– First Amendment / Free Speech
– Lease and Contract Disputes
– Labor and Employment
– Product Liability
– Slip and Falls
– Trade Secret Theft
– Trip and Falls
– Vehicle and Parking Lot Accidents