Transportation and our clients in this practice group were originally and have remained an integral part of our practice. Most of our attorneys have attended several day sessions in which they are educated in much the same way as novice truck drivers. They are taught to keep and read driver log books, adjust trailer brakes and duals, hook up and drop trailers, and taught to drive on closed courses, including backing and parking. Without that hands-on training, they would be light years from understanding critical facts in our cases and from empathizing with the drivers.

Our Transportation Practice Group has created a “Rapid Response Team” that is available 24 hours 7 days a week to immediately respond to accident scenes and other catastrophic losses. In addition to having one of our attorneys on-site to assure and protect the driver, we are also able to bring in accident reconstructionists, photographers, criminal attorneys, vehicle experts and any other relevant personnel to provide the best possible defense to the client under the most trying of circumstances. We also have experience in intermodal and rail transportation matters.

Key areas of experience:

– Broker and Agent Liability
– Catastrophic Claims
– Commercial and Contract Disputes
– Independent Contractor versus Employee Defense
– Employment, Wrongful Termination and Disabilities Act
– Intermodal Operations
– Multi-Vehicle Accidents
– Property Damage
– Railroad Matters